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5 Creative Links for Black History Month

Black History logo in red, yellow and green: Celebrating Black History Month February

Working in the creativity and leadership space, it as important to move from what you know to what you don't know. Exploring, honoring, and learning about the contributions of Black creators, past, present and future is part of the rich demography of creativity. If you haven't heard or "don't know" these creators. I invite you to start to explore, learn from, and amplify their creativity, contributions and impact.

I'd love to expand my resources. Have Black creators you would like to amplify? Share them on any of Break the Tape Leadership's social media sites: @BTTLeadership.

Posted in 2021, this project celebrates U.S. Black artists, music makers, and pop culture icons from history and from present day. Categories include: music, quilting, dance, art, craft, animation, and photography. You can also see excerpts of work, listen to videos on a creator's process, experience and perspective.

Created in 2020, this is a curated base by Albrey Brown when he was at Airtable. The site highlights the work of Black creatives throughout history. The focus is on Black figures who have made an impact on the history of the United States through their creative processes.

For 2023, StoryCorps is amplifying Black voices in conversations about activism, love, joy, and leadership. Explore their collection of stories to reflect on shared history and to celebrate the impact of Black historical figures and pioneers.

L'OFFICIEL pays tribute to the Black designers who have changed fashion history and paved the way for other creatives of color through their innovative designs. L'OFFICIEL is a global media outlet that positions itself as "born in Paris, raised in America."

In 2021, former Daily Hive content writer Alyssa Therrein curated 120 everyday things made by Black inventors. From the potato chip to the three-way traffic light to the clothes dryer, inventions we benefit from everyday came from the Black creative community.

Creativity is both a strategy and practice, and should be accessible to all. You may ask why many of the resources were from 2021, and that is because "creativity" was the 2021 theme for Black History Month. The 2023 theme is "Black Resistance" and let's not forget the creativity is and continues to be one of the many necessary tools to foster change.

Break the Tape Leadership helps leaders unleash creativity and potential in themselves and the organizations they lead to generate meaningful momentum. (And we amplify the voices of creativity for a better future.)

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