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The TAPE Framework in 3 minutes

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

I'm excited to introduce the TAPE Framework in a 3 minute video. When I created Break the Tape Leadership, I was committed to discovering where creativity as a strategy and growth as an outcome intersected. So I interviewed and surveyed leaders and organizations, and that led to a data set that helped me create the TAPE framework.

Creativity is the ability to hold two opposing concepts at the same time. So creativity is measured across the horizontal axis. On the left side is action. And the right side is connection. That's what fuels your strategy.

Growth is measured on the vertical axis with fast paced growth -- the place where new paradigms and fast scaling happens -- is at the top and sustained growth or measured growth -- the "slow and steady wins the race" growth -- is at the bottom. And all the other growth types are in between. Growth happens where action and connection meet.

Starting with the intersection at the top for fast scaled growth, that's the Transporter, or being a change agent and connection driven. Next is the Activator where you have bold action and are strengths driven, followed by the Pathfinder where you use influence as an action and values as a connection, and finally for sustained growth, you excel in your actions and you're purpose-driven in your connections to become the Empowerer. These are concepts that not only can be applied to your personal leadership, but to your company as well.

I think equally exciting is that there is a sub-theme that is emerging, where different types of action intersect within the phases of growth as well as different connection intersects. And this is where you can fill in the gaps for your team. The TAPE framework creates eight different categories or eight diverse sets of ideas that can come together to create innovation.

I invite you to take the survey by visiting You can take it for yourself and you can take it for your organization to see how creativity can be used as a strategy and growth can happen when action and connection meet.

Break the Tape Leadership helps leaders unleash creativity and potential in themselves and the organizations they lead to generate meaningful momentum. ©2022 Break the Tape LLC

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