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Breaking Down 2023: How Creativity and Growth Showed Up in My Practice

As I set my goals for the year ahead, I took a moment to look back at the work of Break the Tape Leadership and all the amazing people I've had the opportunity to work with to see how creativity and growth in 2023 was reflected. As a practice, Break the Tape Leadership is committed to unleashing both creativity and potential in both organizations and individuals -- and it's pretty clear when these two elements meet, momentum that matters is undeniable.​

Infographic showing the breakdown of how Break the Tape Leadership's clients engaged in 2023 - 13% Individual Coaching, 23% Team/Board Facilitation, 64% Professional Development

Popular Topics on Creativity and Growth in 2023

Some of the topics that were most resonant last year were:

  • Leading from purpose

  • Strengths-based leadership

  • High-performance team building

  • Equipped change

  • Strategic growth

  • Emotional intelligence (my favorite moment of vulnerability was the question ('I know I need it but can you please define it'), and

  • Driving impact

My practice focused last year on creativity and how it shows up in our volatile and uncertain world. I had the good fortune to work with individuals, teams, boards, organizations and creators both in-person and virtually. You can read more about what was top of mind on Break the Tape Leadership's thought and knowledge blog. In summary, it was about defining the next normal, NOT going back to normal.

2024 Will Focus on Creativity and Intention to Drive Growth

For 2024, we will continue to amplify #creativityisastrategy on all of @BTTLeadership's platforms, PLUS focus on how intention makes all the difference in supercharging goals and actions.

As a client, follower, advocate and/or cheerleader, you have filled my year with your authentic and creative actions, trust, tenacity, and most importantly your willingness to move forward with optimism and a benevolent outlook. You are the proof that strategic growth begins with purpose, is amplified by action, and is sustained by hope.

Thank you for your support and for making the world a better place and a lot less boring!

Break the Tape Leadership helps leaders unleash creativity and potential in themselves and the organizations they lead to generate meaningful momentum. (And we believe in the power of intention to supercharge your 2024.)

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